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Veteran Aussie rider Dicky Case throws his arms up in dismay with the antics of some of the Rye House novice riders. Dicky ran the Rye House pub.
Jack Biggs in a fabulous slide on the Wembley track with legend, Vic Duggan on the low line.

This is when lots of people went to watch good Speedway.

Dick Case, Mick Murphy, Jack Sharp, Max Grosskreutz, Vic Huxley, Lionel Van Praag, "Bluey" Wilkinson, Ron Johnson and Arthur Simcock ( Manager ). England  won  59 to 48.
Dent Oliver (Belle Vue ) leads Frank Dolan ( Harringay ) in a league match in 1947.
Led out by that maestro of the sport, Jack Parker of England , the riders in the World Solo Final at Wembley in 1950 prepare to be presented to dignitaries and fans.

After Jack is , Aub Lawson, baby faced Ronnie Moore, Fred Williams of Wales,  (eventual winner ), Vic Duggan, "Split" Waterman and  Danny Dunton.
Lionel Van Praag,  New Cross (outside) Les Wotton, speed ...1947.
Close riding here.!

Eric French ( Eng. ) outside, Jack Biggs centre and Aub Lawson  on the pole.
Harringay, 4th Test 1949 series. Australia won 55 to 53.

2nd Test at New Cross 1936.

Frank Charles of England leads Dicky Case and Vic Huxley with Joe Abbott bringing up the rear.
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The fabulous Bluey Wilkinson in action at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway, Australia. (Copies not for sale ) Courtesy of Bruce Wilkinson, Bluey's nephew.