Material on this page has been emailed to me by viewers of this site, Just Solos. 
I thank them for their interest and contribution to the pictorial presentation of our Speedway history.
From :  Dave Gifford 
in New Zealand.

Leonard Cranfield ( ex U.K.) now in NSW.
The famous New Cross Speedway stadium from the air. Speedway ran Wednesday nights. 
The stadium was  later pulled down to make way for a new housing estate. Aussie Ken Le Breton started his international career at this stadium on 30th April 1947, he didn't ride well with the New Cross Rangers and was transferred to Newcastle on the 16th May 1947. Ken went onto be a world class rider with Newcastle and Ashfield.
Team riding at New Cross, Geoff Pymar outside Leonard's hero,
Aussie Ron Johnson.
Chum Taylor ( left ) and John Chaplin at the Western Australian grave of Speedway Solo Super Hero and New Cross star,
 Aussie, Ron Johnson.
Photo courtesy of John Chaplin.
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Brian Darby
More from : Dave Gifford in New Zealand.
Thanks again to 
Dave Gifford for these great pics.
More from : Leonard Cranfield.
A fabulous photo of Syd Jackson shaking hands on the line with Aussie Ron Johnson for a British Match Race Championship.
A pre war 1938 New Cross Team.
Riders back row: George Newton, Ron Johnson, Promoter Fred Mockford, 
Deptford Mayor and assistant, Bill Longley.
Front Row. Clem Mitchell, Goldie Restall, Joe Francis, Stan Greatrex, Ernie Evans, Ray Duggan and Jack Milne.
Lionel Van Praag riding for New Cross.
New Cross 1934.
Nobby Key, Tom Farndon, Ron Johnson, Fred Mockford, Harry Shepherd, Stan Greatrex, Roy Dook
From : Ann Murdoch.
Malcolm Craven was Ann's mother's first husband.
Malcolm Craven in his plane at Southend about 1950. He was a pilot in Toronto, Canada in the late 50s and 60s.
Malcolm with trophy early in his career.
George Wilks ( left)  and Malcolm, Wembley . Malcolm aged 20.
West Ham vs Wembley League match 18/7/1950.
Malcolm for West Ham runs outside Aussie Jack Gates for Wembley.
Thanks Ann, great photos and great memories.
Another from Len Cranfield ( a New Cross fan ) 
The famous New Cross team of 1947. 
L to R. : Jeff Llyod, Mick Mitchell, Geoff Pymar, Frank Lawrence, Lionel Van Pragg, 
Ron Johnson on bike, Ray Moore, Bill Longley, Eric French and Manager Fred Mockford.

Thanks Len..
From : Robert Sloane.
Aussie , Peter Moore at Ipswich in 1960.
Peter Moore in action, Ipswich circa 1957. 

Peter, one of the fastest ' gaters' of his era, was placed 9th in the 1956 World Final, 11th in 1958, 14th in 1959, 4th in 1960 and 11th in his last WF in1963. 
Robert Sloane, a great fan of Peter Moore's, felt a tribute to Peter via these two John Somerville photos was fitting for the Just Solos site, how right you are Robert...Thank you.
From : Brad Simmonds
Brad proudly sends this photo of his Dad, Mick Simmonds taken in 1957,the year Mick joined Norwich.