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In the mid 1990s I framed a lot of photos for a collection to be placed in The Australian Speedway Museum, a project I was working on with Wayne Robinson of Woodville, NSW.( just out of Maitland.) We had been given the OK for a long lease of 2 acres of land at the historic Maitland Showgrounds to build the Museum but unfortunately the project was not successful due to lack of finance.  
"Our Jack."  South Australian Solo ace Jack Young proudly wears the Aussie breastplate and holds the Sunday Dispatch World Solo Championship winner's trophy at Wembley 1952.
This is an original  8 x 10 Press photo with the text for the newpaper article attached to the back. It reads " JACK YOUNG WINS SPEEDWAY CUP FOR SECOND YEAR" , " London: Jack Young carries off the Cup after winning the World's Speedway Championship for the second year in succession, at the Empire Stadium , Wembley,  tonight"  dated 18th September 1952.
A proud "Aussie moment" in World Speedway. Jack Biggs left, placed 3rd, Jack Young, centre, placed 1st and England's Split Waterman, right, placed 2nd on the podium for the World Speedway Solo Championship, Wembley 1951. 
This is an original 8 x 10 Press photo with the text for the news article attached to the back. 
It reads: " Speedway. The World Championship, held at Wembley Stadium. Jack Young of Australia and Edinburgh became the first second Division rider ever to win the World Championship, when he won the "ride off" at Wembley last night.  After the heats had been completed three riders tied with 12 points, they were : Jack Young,  Jack Biggs and Split Waterman.  In the deciding race Jack Young held off Waterman to win a thrilling race." ( Dated 21.9.51 )
New Cross' Aussie Captain, Ron Johnson accepts the 1947 Evening News London Cup from Mr J.Marshall of the Evening News. Eric French is far left and Fred Mockford, New Cross Team Manager,  is third from left.
This pic is an original 8 x 10 Wembley Stadium Photo Dept. photo.
Often referred to " as one of the all time great action photos".  A determined Jack Parker holds out Wembley's  just as determined Captain Bill Kitchen in a Belle Vue vs Wembley League match at Empire Stadium, Wembley in June 1949.  Tommy Price can be seen behind Kitchen. This is an original 8 x 10 Wembley Stadium Photo Dept. photo.
Wembley Stadium September 16th 1948.
The 1948 Sunday Dispatch Championship winner Aussie Vic Duggan, centre,  looks very pleased with himself as he stands in front of the excited crowd of 80,000 fans.   Alec Statham , left, of England was placed 3rd with Aussie Ron Johnson , right coming in 2nd. This was the forerunner to the post war World Solo Championship.         An original 8 x 10 photo.
This has to be one of the all time great group Speedway personality photos. Taken in Sydney at a Sydney Town Hall reception it displays some of the greatest Speedway sportsmen of their time.
L to R.
Cliff Parkinson,  Ralph Secretan English Midget Champion, Vic Huxley, Oscar Lind Sydney personality and Speedway Announcer, Les Gregory, Herbert "Dusty" Haigh, the Lord Mayor of Sydney Mr Arthur McElhone,
 Wal Phillips, Mr B.L.Brooks Solo Test Team Manager, Nobby Key, Arthur Atkinson, American Cordy Milne, 
Rol Stobbart,  Harold "Tiger" Stevenson and American Jack Milne....................1935 - 1936 Sydney season. 
An original 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" photo.
The "Official Opening " of the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway, November 13 1937.
( although the first Speedway meeting was held on October 30 1937)
L to R.
Jim McLeod ( NZ ), Ray Duggan, Mr E.A.Buttenshaw Secretary for Lands,  Frank Dolan,  Americans         Putt Mossman and just out of site Bobby Hill.
An original S.J.HOOD  Press Photo.
The tapes are up at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway at a meeting in 1938. 
L to R.
Cec "Gruff" Garland, Jim McLeod ( NZ ) Frank Arthur and Vic Huxley.
An original S.J.HOOD Press photo.
Jack Young leads Jeff Llyod at Harringay. ( Copy)
Fred Pawson leads Vic Duggan and Graham Warren at Harringay. ( Copy )
Practice for the British Final at Wembley 1961. L to R.
Ray Cresp, Ronnie Moore, Barry Briggs and Chum Taylor.
An original 6 x 8 press photo.
4 abreast. L to R. Chum Taylor, Ronnie Moore, Barry Briggs, Ray Cresp.
An original 8 x 10 Press photo.
L to R. Jack Scott's wife with camera,
Back Row: Ronnie Genz, Barry Briggs, Ray Cresp, Ronnie Moore, Ron How.
Front Row: Bob Andrews, Chum Taylor, Jack Scott, Cyril Maidment, Mike Broadbank.
An original 6 x 8 Press photo. 
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