Multi World Solo Speedway and Multi World Long Track Champion, Ivan Mauger,  has shared some of his memories with us on Just Solos....thank you Ivan.
A young Ivan in Christchurch - New Zealand - January 1957.
The famous and unique gold bike
Ivan with the gold bike on display at the Earls Court Show - UK - 1973..
Ivan with his 1979 World Championship trophy
at Katowice - Poland.
Katowice - Poland  1979

Ivan running the lead.
In February 2009 Ivan was honoured with his image on a New Zealand  $ 1.50 NZ stamp.
Ivan said this was his one and only Sidecar race.
Ipswich - November 1968. He won and retired undefeated !
Ivan riding a 1932 Douglas at the Lokeran Benefit meeting - West Ham - London - UK - October 1970.
Ivan says the guys who rode these machines in 6 inches of cinders were brilliant, he said he had enough trouble just on a slick track.
Ivan with his first World Championship wheel trophy - Gothenburg - Sweden 1968
After Ivan's fifth Speedway World Championship win, the UK Daily Mirror gave him the perpetual trophy to keep. Ivan said it took them 7 years to do it as after he won at Wembley, they had said if he won the title 3 times he could keep the wheel trophy.
World record LT bike - Feb. 1986 New Zealand.  144.666 kph.
Thank you Ivan - great photos - great history.
Poland - 1979
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