Left: Silver Helmet winner - 1967

                              Above: Silver Helmet winner 1969
Peter (outside ) runs with
Keith Gurtner(centre) and Jack White (pole line )
at the Ekka
      Peter outside Steve Reinke
     Tony Hart outside Peter Ipswich Qld. 1969
      Peter leads Jack White
 1967 - 68 Season

         Bert Kingston - Peter - Jack White - Liverpool - NSW.
Peter - riding for Australia in 1967 at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds.
Part of the Australian Test team at the Ekka - L to R:
Gordon Guasco - Peter - John Boulger - Greg Kentwell - Jack White
On the tractor at the Ekka on November 25th. 1967 after the 62 to 46 Aussie win  Gordon - John - Peter and Greg.
Peter outside on the ESO riding against England.
Les Bentzen - Peter - Jack White - Bert Kingston at Liverpool City Raceway - NSW 
Peter's opposition - The 1967 English Test Team.
L to R : Nigel Boocock, Eric Boocock, Ray Wilson, Terry Betts, Colin Pratt, Roy Trigg,
Ken McKinlay ( Capt.) on bike.
Peter over at Liverpool after clipping Helmut Schippl (left)
Peter leads John Langfield at Ipswich Speedway Queensland - 1969
Peter and Steve Reinke - Ipswich - December 1969.
Peter - front row right - riding for Exeter Falcons  - in the UK in 1971.
A youthful Peter (centre) sporting the Aussie Test jacket, with Greg Kentwell (right) .
Born the UK in 1949 migrated to Australia with his parents and elder brother in 1952 as a three year old.  Three seasons in the UK.  1971 & 1972 at Exeter.    1973 followed Neil Street, team captain to Newport.    Exeter was a big track very similar to many Australian tracks.    Peter wanted to gain experience on a smaller track, hence the move to Newport.  
With a second child on the way the decision was made to return to Australia, the best country in the world, at the end of the 1973 season. 
Riding in the A grade senior league at 17. Within weeks or arriving in the UK on a borrowed bike, riding on a track he had never seen before took out second place in the British junior solo championship.   Has lived in Townsville for the past 29 years with wife Lyn, surrounded by three of their four children, and four of their eight grandchildren.    The balance of the family reside in Holbrook NSW.   Peter’s sporting passions are Snow skiing and rock n roll dancing and now in his 60s holds his own with the best of them. 
Peter believes, and he is prepared to stand corrected, that he is the youngest (and possibly the only) person in the history of the sport to officially represent both Australia and the UK as both an amateur and professional rider.  
He holds both a British and Australian passport, and was naturalize an Australian citizen, at the insistence of the children, at the Bi-Centennial celebrations in 1988.