Our two "Phils",  Phil Crump, left and Phil Herne. 
A 1975 Aussie Test Team; L to R.
Back Row. John Langfield, Bob Valentine, Phil Crump, John Titman, Jim Airey (Manager).
Front Row. Phil Herne, Billy Sanders and Garry Middleton.
They nicknamed him "Mirac" short for miracle man, the great Ronnie Moore.
Rick Day leads Dave Morton.
A magnificent photo of Billy sanders lifting a wheel  in front of Jim McMillan.
Billy Sanders leads Ipswitch team mate John Louis.
Mitch Shirra in full flight.
This one is from my good friend Igor Kalashnik in Moldova, the ex Republic of Russia.  Igor had a Meeting of Champions at his home on the 25.7.02  and recorded it with some photos, this is one of them.
Left to Right:
Igor Plechanov, Ove Fundin ( on bike ) Vladamir Trofinov, Victor Trofinov, Boris Samorodov and Igor Kalashnik.

Igor ( far right ) has his own Russian Speedway website, it is:


you will need to use the translater site:

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