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This just has to be the most incredible Solo Speedway photo ever shot. ! This is what it was all about in the begining, racing on cinders. Aussie Jack Bishop in England in 1928.  Speedway photography doesn't get any better than this !
Team Captains,
Jack Parker ( Eng. ) left and Aussie Captain Frank Arthur with the two teams lined up at the starting line for the decisive 5th Test at Wembley,
Thursday 15th September 1932. The crowd was 84,000 and England won 51 to Australia's 42.
The Australian Test Team.
4th Test, Wimbledon,
Monday 21st August 1933.
Crowd 25,000
Australia won 64 to 62.

L to R.
Jack Chapman ( Res.), Jack Sharp ( Res.), Max Grosskreutz, "Dicky" Case, "Bluey" Wilkinson, Ron Johnson, Ernie Evans and Vic Huxley (Capt. )
The Australian Test Team, 1st Test Wembley, Thursday 29th June  1933.
The crowd 55,000
England won 76 to 47

L to R. "Bluey "Wilkinson, Lionel Van Praag, Ron Johnson, "Dicky" Case, Max Grosskreutz and Capt., Vic Huxley. Jack Sharp and Ernie Evans were Reserves (not in pic.)
Two Speedway legends in their own lifetimes.

Aussie Icon and WWII hero , Wembley's pre war Captain and Australia's Captain on this occasion, Lionel Van Praag, ( left )  and English Speedway stalwart,  Wembley's immediate post war Captain for many years, Bill Kitchen, shake hands at the 2nd Test, Wembley, Thursday, 9th June 1938.

England won 63 to 44.
Aussie "Dicky" Case hugs the white line in an effort to get under Joe Abbott of England.

Aussie pioneer and Hunter Valley local lad, Wilfred "Billy" Lamont  trails the pair.

3rd Test, Manchester, England Saturday July 4th. 1936.

England won 70 to 38.
The 1935 Wimbledon team, led by Aussie Queenslander, Vic Huxley.

L to R.
Eric Collins, Gus Kuhn, Wal Phillips, Claude Rye, Wal Morton. Seated: Geoff Pymar, Vic Huxley Syd Jackson and Aussie Jack Sharp.

Jack lost his life in an accident at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway on 22.10.1948.
What a fabulous photo !

This is what it was all about in 1935.

Cinders and leg trailing.

Two Aussie immortals of Speedway, Lionel Van Praag outside Vic Huxley at a private practice " by special permission" at the Empire Stadium, Wembley, before the first Test match in 1935.
One of the great Test match photos.

West Ham, 2nd Test, Tuesday July 29th 1947.
Crowd  40,000 ( Capacity )

England hammered Australia 58 to 50

This was the first official Test series
after WWII.

The 2nd in a 3 match series.
Across :  Max Grosskreutz,  Ron Johnson,   Alec Statham,   George Wilks.
Wimbledon, England 1929

..and these were the boys from "the Colonies "

A moment in Speedway history.!

What was probably the first unofficial Test match between England and Australia.

It was an overwhelming victory for the Colonies. The final score is not available but after 4 heats in a 6 heat match "the Colonies" led 25 to 10.


Vic Huxley, Geoffrey "Buzz" Hibberd, Frank Arhur, Max Grosskreutz, Wilfred "Billy" Lamont and seated is Hilary Buchanan.

You don't see angles like this in 2003.

Victorian Aussie, Jack Biggs, riding for Harringay leads Fred Pawson,  Bill Gilbert and Nobby Stock.
What can you say about those pics ?

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