Thanks to Mike Kemp for this 3rd page of mostly unseen photos here in Australia of pre & post WW II UK league teams and those of individuals.
The 1937 Norwich Team.
L to R: Jock Sweet, Alec Peel, Team Manager, Max Grosskreutz, Wilf Jay, Paul Goodchild, Bill Birtwell, Bert Spencer, with Dick Wise on bike.
The Sheffield Team 1939.
L to R : Doug McLaughlan, Paddy Mills, Jack Dixon, Ivor Powell, Stan Williams, Bluey Wilkinson, Ernie Evans, Harry Whitfield and Harwood Pike.
Not many people would know that Harry Whitfield won, what was promoted as, the World Solo Speedway Championship run at the Sydney Showground Speedway ( Australia) in 1933 !
The Hackney Wick Team 1937.
L to R : ( Riders only ) George Greenwood, Morian Hansen, Ted Bravery, George Wilks, Bill Clibbert, Vic Duggan, Cordy Milne with Dick case on bike. 
The Wembley Team 1936.
L to R: Wally Llyod, Eric Gregory, Frank Charles, Alec Jackson (Manager ), Ginger Lees, Gordon Byers, George Greenwood, Cliff parkinson ( kneeling) and Lionel Van Praag sitting.
The West Ham Team 1936
L to R: John S Hoskins, Eric Chitty, Arthur Atkinson, Bluey Wilkinson, Ken Brett, Mick Murphy, Tommy Croombs, Rol Stobart, Stan Dell, Phil Bishop and Tiger Stevenson.
The Wimbledon Team 1931.
L to R : Dick Case, Manager, Con Cantwell, Billy Lamont, Vic Huxley, Ivor Hill, Claude Rye and Frank Bond.  
The Plymouth Team 1932
L to R : Bert Spencer, Frank Goulden, Jack Jackson, Bill Clibbert, Clem Mitchell, Eric Collins and Frank Pearce on bike.
The Australian Test Team - 4th. Test Manchester June 19th. 1948.
Eng 69 - Aust. 39.
              L to R: Jack Biggs, Cliff Watson, Ray Duggan, Manager , Vic Duggan, Max Grosskreutz (Capt.) Bill Longley, Aub Lawson and Frank Dolan.
Aussie, Bert Spencer.
Aussie pioneer, Maitland original, Wilfred ' Billy' Lamont. They said Billy only knew one throttle position, WIDE OPEN. They also say he rode the fence and on occasion knocked programmes out of spectators hands ! 
Aussie pioneer, Maitland rider,
Paddy Dean. 
Arthur George ' Bluey ' Wilkinson, the Boy from Bathurst NSW, Australia. Went to England with 30 pounds in 1929 and in 1938 won the World Championship, just 9 years after he first saw Speedway at Bathurst Sports Ground as a teenager. Killed in a road accident at 28 years of age.
World class rider and frame maker, Max Grosskreutz was an Aussie Speedway legend in his own lifetime
Two great pioneers, American 'Sprouts ' Elder and Aussie, Vic Huxley
May 28th 1938 - Eng. vs Aust.
Captains - Max Grosskreutz and Frank Varey.
Geoffery ' Buzz ' Hibberd and mechanics.
Both Aussie  'Super Stars' The Blonde Bombshell ' Graham Warren and  ' The White Ghost ', Francis ' Ken ' Le Breton.
The unmistakeable style of Aussie hero, Vic Duggan and one of the all time greats, Bill Kitchen.
Dicky Case of Hackney trailing the leg at high speed.
Speedway's first World Champion, Wembley's Aussie Lionel Van Praag.
1930 - One of the first Australian Test teams to ride in England.
Vic Huxley as Captain out front.
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