Molly MacPhee, nee Chippindale, was the Secretary of the Speedway Supporters Club at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway in the post war years of the late 1940s. We are fortunate to be able to view this marvellous collection of photos on Just Solos...Thank you Molly.
I have decided to open this collection with a series of head shots and still shots of the various solo riders, both Aussie and visitors, a collection of which I don't think has ever been assembled before.
  Arthur George
'Bluey' Wilkinson.
Brian Collins
Peter Pollett ( NZ )
Cliff Parkinson ( Eng.)
Cliff Watson
Doug MacLachlan
Dick Seers
Eric Williams. (Eng.)
Graham Williams
Harry O'Brien
Jack Gorman
Jack Parker ( Eng.)
Trevor Savage
Max Grosskreutz
Laurie Croft
Phil Leth
Ronnie Moore
Reg Fearman ( Eng.)
Ron Mountford ( Eng.)
Ray Taylor
Harold Harris
Harry Mangham
Alec Hunter
Allan Melluish
Arthur Trudgitt
Allan Quinn
Arthur Malm
Allan Wall
Arthur Payne
Arthur Wright (Eng.)
Tom Atherton.
Bernard ' Bat' Byrnes
Bill Melluish
Bill Albertson
Bill Jemison
Bill Longley
' Wild ' Bill Rogers
Wilfred ' Cyclone'
Billy Lamont.
Bob. Hibbert
Bob. Meyer
Bob. Fletcher ( Eng.)
Ern Brecknell
Bruce Croxon
Butch Coglan
Bruce Gardiner
Byrd McKinney ( USA)
Cec Garland
Clem Mitchell
Ken Le Breton
Doug Anderson
Dave Hynes
Dennis Newton ( Eng.)
Derek Tailby ( Eng.)
Don Lawson
Eddie Rigg (Eng.)
Danny Forsberg (Nor.)
Frank Dolan
Thanks again to Molly for these great photos of past Solo riders.
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Sadly - Molly passed away the week of the 25th. September 2013 - at the age of 88 - Rest in Peace - Molly
....and thank you for this legacy.