THIS was big time Speedway ! The Aussie Test Team at Bradford Stadium, England. 5/7/1947. The crowd was 47,050 and England won 65 to 43.
Far left Van Praag adjusts his scarf, Vic Duggan is presented, Frank Dolan, Ron Johnson, Max Grosskreutz, and reserves Aub Lawson and Ray Duggan. Bill Longley hidden behind dignitaries.
Aussies in the U.K in 1948.
Rear: Ray Duggan, Ron Johnson, Bill Longley, Ken   Le Breton
Front: Aub Lawson, Arthur Payne, Mngr. Cliff Watson, Graham Warren.
Rear: Lionel Van Praag, Dick Seers, Aub Lawson, Cec Weatherby (Mngr) Jack Arnfield, Keith Ryan.
Front: Lionel Levy, Ken Le Breton, Jack Gates.
Rear: Noel Watson, Ken Le Breton, Lionel Van Praag, Bill Melluish, Keith Ryan,
Front: Graham Warren, Aub Lawson, Allan Quinn.
Rear: Alec Hunter, Norm Clay, Graham Warren, Bill Longley, Aub Lawson.
Front: Jack Arnfield, Jack Biggs, Ken Le Breton.
THIS is the only way to photograph a Speedway Solo test team.  On their bikes !.
A 1950 Aussie Test Team on the infield of the famous Sydney Showground Speedway.
L to R : Aub Lawson, Keith Ryan, Graham Warren, Bill Melluish, Cec Weatherby ( Manager) Noel Watson, Allan Quinn, Ken Le Breton.
Rear: Noel Watson, Jack Chignell, Lionel Van Praag (Manager ) Keith Ryan, Aub Lawson
Front: Lionel Levy, Don Lawson, Arthur Payne, Jack Biggs.
Rear: Jack Chignell, Allan Wall, Cec Weatherby ( Manager ), Arthur Payne, Noel Watson.
Front: Keith Ryan, Aub Lawson, Lionel Levy, Don Lawson.
One of the 1954 Aussie Test teams to ride against the touring European Team.
L To R. Don Lawson, Keith Gurtner, Lionel Levy, Aub Lawson, Ken Walsh.

Rear:: Ted Argall, Keith Ryan, Graham Warren
Front Alec Hunter, Aub Lawson.
I think the immaculate black leathers with the red and white Aussie breastplate look lot more "Speedway" than the circus outfits of today ( my opinion )
Keith "Buck "Ryan acquitted himself well for his country in Test Matches and captained the Team on 6 occasions.
Norm Clay and Jack Biggs on the test " line". Norm lost his life in a dual fatal crash with Ray Duggan on 20.1.1950 at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway and Jack lost his life in an accident at Bendigo Speedway (Vic.) very late in his career on 9.12.1972.
A nice Frank Le Breton photo of Norm Clay at the Royale.
Another fine Frank Le Breton photo, Ken Walsh.
The calm before the storm !
Lionel Levy looks at Bill Longley doing his hair, Graham Warren adjusts his gear, Alec Hunter and Keith Ryan look on as Jack Biggs, kneeling,  probably adjusts his boots.
Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
Thanks Molly, for these great photos.!
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