Jack Chignell, what an entertainer. Jack rode for many years at the top, rode for Belle Vue in England and was an incredibly exciting rider to watch, particularly off the back in Handicaps.
Jack Chignell runs outside of Don Lawson at the Sportsground.
Cliff Watson outside Jack Chignell at the Sydney Sportsground.
Bruce Croxon in the Pits at Cumberland Oval, Parramatta.
On the rear guard it reads " Don Lawson, Australia".  Step brother of Aub, Don's machinery and personal appearance was always A1.
Englishman, Val Morton rode a couple of seasons in Australia. He gave me the Belle Vue jacket he is wearing when I was a teenager.
Two Brits having a go ! Val Morton with the Belle Vue breastplate runs the outside of Scot Ken McKinlay with the Scottish thistle breastplate.
"Cowboy" Bobby Sharpe riding in the Glasgow Tigers breastplate outside Garry Coglan at the Sports Ground. I think Bob actually has a smile on his face.
Allan Melluish at the Royale.
Englishman Malcolm Craven leans on Aussie Allan Quinn at the Royale.
Old foes from previous Test Matches, Aub Lawson holds a tight inside line on Scot, Ken McKinlay.
Another great Scottish rider to visit Australian shores, Tommy Miller.
Tommy held the 4 lap Solo record at the Sports Ground in 1953, set at 67.0 secs.
Two Jacks. Jack Parker (Eng.) leads Jack Gates (Aust.)
Lionel Levy in front, Aub Lawson low and Rune Sormander from Sweden up high.
Levy again leads Aub, Graham Warren and "Buck" Ryan out wide.
What a great photographer was Frank Le Breton, here with Lionel and Aub. 
The touring European Solo Team of 1954 at the Sportsground. L to R. Ken McKinlay, Danny Forsberg, Olle Segerstrom and Rune Sormander.
Riding with light green breastplates with a white "E"
Trevor Savage leads Val Morton
at the Royale.
Bobby Meyer left, being congratulated on winning the NSW Junior Solo Championship of 1953. John Sherwood centre.
This unusual photo is of Midge Mellor at Cumberland Oval. Midge was the smallest rider we had in those days.
Midge was so small he had to stand on a 5 gallon drum to get to kiss the girl !
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