A big "thank you" to Englishman, the late John Chaplin for sharing part of his extensive collection of rare vintage bike photos with us here on "Just Solos". John will always be one of the World's most respected 
Speedway Historians.
 John passed away on March 20 2019.
Aub in the workshop.
Aub Lawson 2nd place and Graham Warren 1st place with their trophies after  the " 1950 Australian Solo Championship " , held in England.
An Aussie Test team line up for the 1st Test at West Ham, England. Tuesday, June 6th 1950.  Australia won 60 to 47 and the crowd was  52,731.

L to R. Bill Longley, Aub Lawson, Ken Le Breton, Graham Warren, Jack Biggs, Vic Duggan.... and behind, head between Vic and Jack, is Jack Young and over Vic's shoulder is Dick Seers.   What a luxury, Jack Young and Dick Seers as Reserves !
L to R. Jack Biggs, Les Hewitt, Aub Lawson and Arthur Payne during the running of the " the 1950 Australian Solo Championship " in England. 
Jack Biggs receives his cheque for winning a qualifying round of the 1951 World  Championship . The title trophy in the background.
The mighty Vic Duggan holds the Trophy for the British Rider's Championship which he won in 1948.
Our Vic doing well for himself in 1947 with the British Match Race Helmet and a kiss from Movie Star Eleanor Parker.
Graham Warren at speed . Wembley 1949.
Two Speedway legends, John S. Hoskins and our "Bluey"  Wilkinson at Hackney.
Aussies Max Grosskreutz (outside ) and Dicky Case lead Ginger Lees and Nobby Key in a test at New Cross in 1934. 
The 1934 - 35 English Touring Test Team on the infield of the Sydney Showground Speedway. 
L to R. Joe Abbott, Wal Phillips, Herbert "Dusty" Haigh, Bill Clibbert, J.Brook (Manager ) Harold "Tiger" Stevenson, Frank Varey and Cliff Parkinson. 
Aub and Graham at the "Aussie Championship " presentation. 
Lionel Van Praag ( outside ) and Bluey Wilkinson lead Bill Kitchen ( outside ) and Tom Farndon at an Australia  vs England  Test  match, Belle Vue, 1935.
Bob Leverenz and Graham Warren battle it out in 1950 at Harringay.
Speedway pioneers, Charlie Spinks (Aust.) leads Arthur Atkinson (Eng.) with Australia's Lionel Van Praag on the pole line.   The year, 1938.
Eric Langton ( Eng.) leads Lionel Van Praag and Bluey Wilkinson at a pre war Test Match. These three riders took out 1st , 2nd and 3rd in the 1936 ( First ever ) World Solo Championship.
Two of the original Aussie troupe to go to England in 1928 . On the left Maitland Speedway legend,  Wilfred "Billy, Cyclone " Lamont, who it was said that at Maitland, in 1924,  he rode so high he knocked the programmes out of the spectators  hands as they leaned over the fence !.   Frank Arthur,  Australian pioneer Test rider and Speedway promoter supreme in Australia in later years. The boys shown here on the starting line at White City in 1929 for the Star Trophy  match race,  Frank won 2 nil. 
Thank you John for sharing these great images with us on "JustSolos".
John's Visitors
Graham Warren winner of an Australian Championship ? I don't think so !

Yes,  Graham Warren won an event advertised and staged as  "The Australian Rider's Championship"    However, it was held in England at London's Harringay circuit in 1950 as the promoters had a hole in their events schedule and some bright spark came up with the idea of getting the top Aussie riders together on the one programme and holding an " Australian Championship." The event was won by Graham Warren with an unbeaten score of 15 points to Aub Lawson's second place with 13, Jack Young 3rd with 12..  Riders participating were,  Graham Warren, Aub Lawson, Vic Duggan, Doug McLachlan, Les Hewitt, Arhur Payne, 
Bill Longley, Jack Young, Ronnie Moore ( although a New Zealander ) ,  Jack Gates, Bob Leverenz, Jack Biggs, Dick Seers, Merv Harding, Cliff Watson, Keith Gurtner and Lionel Levy.  What a line up of talent !
Les Hewitt,   Graham Warren,    Cliff Watson             Keith Gurtner
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